Assemblr Exclusive 3D Library

Village landscape pack 1

Build your own village house, equipped with all small details for a more realistic ambiance

City landscape pack 1

Design your own urban city with fascinating skyscrapers, daily go-to-stores, and decorations like never before

Nature landscape pack 1

Insert the wonders of nature into your creation, and let them come alive in front of you

Indonesian traditional instruments 1

Have fun introducing Indonesia’s musical heritage, using 10 kinds of traditional instruments

Blood cells pack 1

Transform the abstract visualization of blood cells into more concrete ones. Highly recommended for Biology lessons!

Hair template 1

Groom your character with 10 different hairstyles — long or short, original or colored, anything you prefer

Rock & minerals pack 1

Learn all about rocks & minerals with wonderful visuals. Perfect lesson properties for Earth Science lessons!

Village landscape pack 2

Bring peaceful & healing vibes into your creation with a green landscape, calming river, and other details

Cartoon animal pack 1

Enliven your project with super adorable cats, monkeys, dogs, tigers, and sharks — each comes up with 3 different colors

Cartoon animal pack 2

Get creative with these 5 cute animals — perfect companions to spark up children’s interest

Cartoon animal pack 3

Bring these 5 little friends to life and unleash your creativity. Get ready to see them wandering around you!

Cartoon animal pack 4

Create your own interactive, virtual zoo using these 5 little friends. Introducing animals to children has never been this fun!

Cartoon animal pack 5

Surprise everyone by adding these animals into your creation. Prepare to see them wandering around you!

Cartoon animal pack 6

Get these rare animals included in your creation. Watch them up-close anywhere, anytime.

Cartoon animal pack 7

Add sparks for your students or children in learning animals. Each animal is available in 3 different colors.

People: Occupation edition 1

Get these ten basic human occupations, from farmer to fireman. Learning about jobs gets easier than ever!

People: Occupation edition 2

Add these ten basic human occupations into your library, bring more elements into your creation.

People: Sport edition 1

Learn all about 10 kinds of sports activities, visualized with detailed movement that you can follow.

Cartoon vehicle cars edition 1

Vroom, vroom… Add these hot wheels into your creation, impress everyone!

Cartoon vehicle airplane edition 1

Craft your creation with these airplanes, get ready to fly high into the clouds.

Cartoon vehicle ship edition 1

Make these ships come alive in front of you! Add them to complete your sea, river, or beach creation.

Cartoon vehicle motorcycle 1

Bring these cool rides into your 3D library, and get creative with your creation!

Cartoon vehicle submarine 1

Dive deep into the sea, explore the unknown. Perfect for your underwater creation or lesson.


We’ll keep adding more exclusive 3D packs with a vast array of categories. Stay tuned!

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