Assemblr Studio Updates

New Update🌶 :

  • NEW: Share your project’s link and code.
    Along with the release of Assemblr Web Player, now you can share your project’s link, just after you publishing your project. Alternatively, you can also embed your project’s code on blog posts, websites, and many more!
  • Fixed issues related to saving projects (for some cases). Enjoy a far smoother experience!
  • Ever get stuck while using Assemblr Studio? Say no more, we’ve fixed this one!
  • Sharing a project’s link is made easier—right after you choose to publish your project.
  • We’ve added paging on your dashboard! Jump into any pages easily—simply by using the arrows on the bottom of your dashboard.

What’s New:

  • Fixed issues related to 3D Text
    Copy the content of your text and paste it to another one error-free! ⭐️
  • Fixed issues related to custom component naming
    Ever put an underscore (_) character on your custom component name, but it disappears when you check on it? Worry not — now it’s all good!😉
  • Fixed issues related to Switch Scene (for special cases)

What’s New:

  • Added support for ARM64 M1 Mac
    Welcome to the party, M1 Mac users! Enjoy using Assemblr Studio from now on. 🎉
  • Fixed issues related to log in experience
    Ever stuck when you tried to log in? Say no more, now everything goes as smooth as butter🧈
  • Fixed issues related to the 3D library
    Blank 3D library? Panic! 🤯 We know how you feel. Relax, we’ve resolved it this time.
  • Fixed issues related to YouTube video
    If you couldn’t play your YouTube video, it’s all fixed. Time to insert as many videos as you want⏯
  • Last but not least… faster project loading!🚀

Big Update ☄️, Assemblr Studio v1.4.0 is up! :

  • Assemblr Studio v1.4.0 is made compatible with macOS and 64-bit Windows
  • Change your background color.
    Bring more color to your project! You can change your background color, customizable for each scene.
  • Quality improved for importing 3D objects.
    Enhance your quality when importing 3D objects from other sources. With an improved plugin, comes a better experience.
  • Add textures to your imported 3D objects.
    If you use PBR materials when you import 3D objects, now you can add these textures:
    - Normal Map
    - Metallic Map
    - Occlusion Map
    - Height Map
    Specifically for Metalic & Height Map, you can also adjust the intensity using the sliders.
  • 2D Library added.
    Choose among thousands of 2D images to insert into your projects!
  • NEW: ‘None’ Scene Navigation.
    We provide a ‘no button’ option for your scene navigation. A quick hint: this could be perfect if you need unskippable interactions with your audience.
  • Copy & paste interactions.
    Wanna use one interaction for many objects? Just copy the interaction, and paste it to the other objects. As simple as that!
  • Fixed issues related to text selection.
    Selecting your text is made easier now. A seamless action to enhance your experience.

NEW UPDATE: Assemblr Studio v1.3.0 is up!

On this update, we have something new prepared for you:

  • NEW FEATURE: Custom Interaction. You can rotate, move, and scale, and play animation on your 3D objects by simply clicking other 3D objects which are set as the trigger. Oh, you can apply this feature to switch between scenes too! 
  •  Rotate your imported 3D objects while uploading. Now, when you upload your imported 3D objects, you can rotate them at any angle. Surely, their captured icons on your 3D library will look better.
  • Replace your uploaded 3D objects. Got bored with your imported 3D objects, but you can’t change them? Chill, our new feature allows you to replace them with the new ones!

Hot Fix 🌶:
  • No more character limits for your ‘Scene Description’! Feel free to write more freely, so you can describe your scene clearer.
  • Fixed issues related to uploading your 3D objects. Back then, you wouldn’t be able to upload 3D objects with a file name that has an underscore ( _ ) symbol in it. Now, you’re free to use the symbol however you’d like!
  • Fixed bug related to the button for uploading custom marker

Fresh Updates ✨

  • New 3D object drawer is up! With a fresh look, comes more ideas to be implemented on your canvas.
  • Stop wasting your time! We provide ready-made templates to create your projects more efficiently.
  • Now, you’re able to login in our app without having to be directed to the browser! We make it easier & more practical for you.

What’s New 🎊:

  • Transparent material (PNG) is now supported. Yes, you can make your objects see-through!
  • Brand-new welcome screen, for your eyes’ pleasure!
  • Fixed a little mix-up in the warning messages
  • Solved issues related to mirror tool

Apa saja yang baru?

  • Material transparan (PNG) sekarang sudah didukung! Yes, sekarang kamu bisa membuat objek jadi tembus pandang.
  • Halaman depan sudah lebih dipercantik!
  • Sedikit koreksi di pesan-pesan dalam UI
  • Perbaikan pada gangguan di fitur cermin atau mirror

What's New 🔥

  • Introducing Slides: add captions and sequences to tell your stories better!
  • Finally, you can set your own image as a custom marker!
  • New tools alert! Access project settings easier on the right side of your screen.
  • Switch languages easily — Assemblr is now available in 🇬🇧 English,🇮🇩 Indonesian, and 🇷🇺 Russian

What's New 🔥

  • Assemblr Studio is now bilingual! Switch from English to Indonesian anytime.
  • Finally, you can upload your own custom marker!
  • Choose to publish projects to Assemblr app and/or Assemblr EDU
  • You might not notice it, but the file loading system has been upgraded! Get ready for some surprises.
Hot Fix 🌶:
  • Change subscription API endpoint

What's New:
  • Improve some UI elements
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed the issue with object positioning due to number format differences

What’s New:

  • Clean, improved UI
  • More supported pixel densities (DPI)
  • Optimized object movement
  • Improved object manipulation feature and drag scene
  • Fixed the issue with object selection
  • Fixed the issue with disappearing custom components
  • The app now handles EDU subscription count correctly
  • Added cmd/ctrl+D keyboard shortcut for duplicate tool
  • Added object list
  • Moved data storage location to fix permission issues
  • New! Installer & Uninstaller
  • UI improvement for Custom Object and Custom Marker count

Known Issues:

  • Problems with scrolling using Windows trackpad (related to Unity engine)

What's New
  • Fix login issue
What's New
  • We bring simple editor capability from our mobile app into Assemblr Studio. Now user can edit and create project directly from Assemblr Studio
  • User can import custom 3D object right from the editor
  • We removed the tris limitation, but we implement a 80mb soft-limit on each uploads. User still can upload any file bigger than 80mb but we'll warn them regarding inefficiency and performance issues
Known Issue
  • All project made in classic mode in our mobile app cannot be opened in Assemblr Studio