Visualize architecural plans like never before, in Augmented Reality

Use Assemblr to place 3D architecture models in real environment — whether on top of a floor plan or even in the actual site — and take your potential clients into an immersive tour inside the design.

Bring Your Showroom On A Platter with Augmented Reality

Use Assemblr to let potential customers see different variations of your product and learn its key features without having to bring your entire range of vehicles.


Physical inventory has a limit

Automotives are not the easiest products to showcase. Due to their sizes, they could be difficult to transport and take up a lot of space. To sell more effectively, outsmarting these physical limitations is the challenge.

The industry needs a better tool to visualize customizations

Creating conventional architecture plan piece by piece takes a lot of time and money. It takes a lot of space as well, which makes it difficult to carry around. Presenting your ideas shouldn’t be such a hassle!

Explaining technical features to non-technical users is tricky.

Making technical information as accessible as possible is important in automotive business. Unfortunately, sometimes traditional channels such as articles or videos are not sufficient to educate consumers about finer details of your products.


Improve customer engagement with AR-enhanced product displays.

With Assemblr, you can easily visualize everything you can’t display physically — all your visitors have to do is point their phones. This means you can let potential customers place and interact with your product, at home in their garage or even in the context of the car showroom. Provide a fresh and unique way to explore your car models for potential customers!

Present full spectrum of possibilities with your fingertips.

Augmented Reality doesn’t only help you present your products — it also provides a way to envision future customizations. Seamlessly switch to any model in any configuration at anytime until your customers are happy with their choices. Help them make better buying decision, one that’s entirely theirs!

Educate people better through immersive experience.

Explaining technical features is easier when people can interact with the information provided. With Assemblr, you can visualize complex features fitted within the cars and let people study them in detail without even raising the car hood! Let customers learn and appreciate the benefits of your products in a more engaging way. It’s not a secret that better educated customers will have better overall experience with your products.

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Bring your showroom on a platter with Augmented Reality

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