Visualize architecural plans like never before, in Augmented Reality

Use Assemblr to place 3D architecture models in real environment — whether on top of a floor plan or even in the actual site — and take your potential clients into an immersive tour inside the design.

Spark Up Your Classroom with Augmented Reality (AR)

Use Assemblr to turn lessons into stunning 3D visuals, simulate models from every angle using AR, and bring students closer in a more exciting learning experience — all from your on-the-go devices.


Smartphones are everyone’s way to go.

It’s the way most students explore the world today! Forget about whiteboards or papers. Integrating smartphone in classrooms is a fun way to turn youngsters’ favorite device into a great aid instead of a distraction.

Visuals speak louder than words.

Did you know that a large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing? 3D graphics and animations are the best mediums to grab anyone’s attention and spark curiosity right away, especially for our younger learners.

Active learning makes lessons easier to grasp

Learning process should be all about creativity and interaction! Without hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge will only go over the students’ heads. This is where technology comes handy in transforming classrooms into educational playgrounds.


Turn any lesson into stunning 3D visuals in just a few taps

From models, diagrams, to simulations, you can build any educational content out of our vast collection of building blocks and predefined 3D materials. In a rush to prepare the class? We also have premade contents on our official educational account. From parts of flagellates to the water cycle, everything is ready to choose.

Explain abstract and difficult concepts from every angle using AR

AR technology enables you to place your 3D models right in the classroom and explain it from every angle. Visualizing objects that are hard to imagine will be a piece of cake! All you need to do is plug your phone to a monitor or projector.

Engage students in interactive tasks with AR

Encourage students to be active by involving them in exciting tasks. Use AR to create interactive games and quizzes at class, or let them build their own 3D creations related to the subject. With a creative learning experience where everyone is involved, it’s not a secret that stimulated and engaged students will understand any subject better and learn faster.

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Spark up your classroomwith Augmented Reality

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