Visualize architecural plans like never before, in Augmented Reality

Use Assemblr to place 3D architecture models in real environment — whether on top of a floor plan or even in the actual site — and take your potential clients into an immersive tour inside the design.

Demonstrate Technical Features At Ease with Augmented Reality.

Use Assemblr to visualize parts or functionalities of complex engineered products and let people study them in detail without dismantling the real thing.


Informing general users is tricky.

For non-technical users, translating your 2D image into reality could be a tough task. It’s hard to grasp how your machines work without seeing it in detail, from every angle, down to the smallest parts. Meanwhile, dismantling the machines is most of the time not an option. Customers are left clueless when it comes to making purchases or maintenance decisions.

Technical information gets lost across the distance.

Most manufacturing plants deal with clients overseas — maybe yours too! Without visiting your factory, remote clients could only learn about the engineered products through technical drawings or catalogues. Certainly not sufficient for the true representation of your product.

Engineering training has a lot of room for improvement.

A lot of people are involved when it comes to running large scale engineered products. From company owners, managers, to maintenance staffs, everyone needs to learn what their company are going to operate. Unfortunately, sometimes traditional channels such as articles or videos are not enough to keep them engaged in their training.


Enhance engineered products with informative AR contents.

With Assemblr, you can impose a set of guides right over your actual products. From assembly examples, quality control information, to maintenance procedures, you are able to place the overlay directly on specific parts or even the entire machine. Users will be more excited to learn and get their hands on your products.

Visualize products right in client’s site.

AR allows you to showcase your products and let anyone experience it, even when they live on the other side of the world. Your potential clients will be able to preview your product right on their place, or even ask for adjustments before the actual product is finished. Layout and site planning will be a breeze!

Create immersive printed materials with AR illustrations.

Equip your products with instructions, catalogues, or even packagings that stand out from the rest by adding markers that could be triggered with Assemblr. Create easy-to-digest manual books people would actually love to read by showing finer details of your machines right on top of it. With Assemblr, selling and educating will no longer be a hassle.

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Demonstrate technical features at ease with Augmented Reality

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