Visualize architecural plans like never before, in Augmented Reality

Use Assemblr to place 3D architecture models in real environment — whether on top of a floor plan or even in the actual site — and take your potential clients into an immersive tour inside the design.

Create More Immersive Experience in Your Exhibition with Augmented Reality.

Use Assemblr to bring exhibits to life, draw more interactions with visitors, enhance your guide system, and develop more impressive campaigns for your exhibition.


Traditional displays are getting less appealing.

People are moving to the digital world, where everyone is glued to the Internet, their mobile devices, and prefers learning through multimedia platforms. To keep galleries, museums, and exhibitions alive, it’s time to redefine the experience you have to offer.

Exhibition guides and descriptions are hard to grasp.

Exhibitions are supposed to serve stories, but printed signs and narrations no longer grab visitors’ attention. Without a more compelling method to explain your exhibits, more audience would be missing out the point.

It’s important to reach younger and tech-savvy audience.

Today’s generation hold the key to the future, that’s why it’s important to educate them through exhibition. The youths value innovation and experience above everything else, which means stepping up your game through technology is necessary to get them hyped.


Enhance exhibits and artifacts with captivating AR pieces

Impose a virtual world right over what’s actually in front of your visitors. Want to show how biological artifacts look in their natural habitat? Display paintings that could pop out from their frames? Set up a game of finding hidden virtual objects around your exhibits? Assemblr can easily visualize everything you can’t display physically — all your visitors have to do is point their phones.

Create interactive guides that helps, not bores

Speak to your audience in a more engaging way using AR. Augment informative visual contents, be it static or animated, on any physical elements in your exhibition. From text descriptions, tour guides, sign systems, curatorials, to catalogues, the list will always be endless.

Build pre-event hype with AR

Make more attractive promotional materials by integrating them with AR. Create invitations, packagings, business cards, or even brochures that stand out from the rest by adding markers that could be triggered with Assemblr. If you want, you can also show an AR sneak peek of your exhibition to the whole world using Assemblr. That way you can attract more visitors, and those who can't make it can enjoy a glimpse of it from their places.

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Create more immersive experience in your exhibition with Augmented Reality.

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