Bigger Canvas for Bigger Ideas

With Assemblr Studio Web Creator, create any 3D & augmented reality experiences on your browser. Enliven your ideas straight from the browser. No need to download any apps.

Disclaimers: To test Assemblr Studio Web Creator, please create a new project & avoid editing your previous projects. Also, when you open the project on any Assemblr apps, there might be some changes applied.

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Easy access

Access everything right on your browser. You don’t need to download any apps. Create any 3D & AR experiences on the web!

Simple controls

Using 3D gizmos, you can move, rotate, or scale objects along a 3D axis or plane. Simpler controls for simpler functionalities.

New user interfaces (UI)

Get ready to see a whole new interface—starting from the overall looks, even into the smallest details like buttons and icons.

Works well with Assemblr
Web Player

Assemblr Web Player

With Assemblr Web Player, build your creations and share with everyone to see! Level up your blog or website by displaying 3D objects in a few easy steps. 

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