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Assemblr Studio

Create any 3D & augmented reality
experiences for all your needs

Assemblr Studio - easy make augmented experience

Visualize Your Ideas into Reality

With Assemblr Studio, you can create, view, and share any 3D & augmented reality experiences for all your needs. Feel free to create from scratch, or use our premade AR templates to save up your time.

From marketing to printing needs, get ready to experience how easy it is to enliven your ideas—right on your browser or on-the-go device.

Easy Features to Complete You

All-Around Editor

Turn your ideas into reality with a vast array of tools—from 2D & 3D objects, 3D text, annotation, video, image, or even slide. Creating is as quick as drag and drop.

Thousands of 2D & 3D Objects

Choose among thousands of premade 2D & 3D objects with different themes, ready to use for any type of creation. *Available in Free & Pro 3D Bundles


Insert animations into your creation and level up your creativity. Feel free to create an interactive quiz, mini-game, or anything up to your imagination!

Share Projects

Save your time creating AR experiences with our ready-to-use AR templates, categorized based on your needs: Marketing, Souvenir, Printing, and Presentation.

Scan & View

Scan your surrounding and see how effortless it is to pop up your AR experiences. Even better, you can upload your favorite graphic as a custom marker, and view your AR experiences come to life above it.

Flexible Access

Access flexibly on your browser, smartphone, or tablet. Start creating your own 3D & AR experiences anytime & anywhere!

Works well with Assemblr Web Player

Assemblr Web Player

With Assemblr Web Player, build your creations and share with everyone to see! Level up your blog or website by displaying 3D objects in a few easy steps. 

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Assemblr EDU - Learn with Augmented reality
Works Well With Our

Assemblr EDU

With the new Assemblr Studio, Assemblr's capabilities are now accessible for everyone — even for schools that prohibit mobile devices but provides desktops.
Assemblr Studio is better paired with Assemblr EDU subscription plan, with a volume-based plan that gives more freedom to students' creativity

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