A Science Fair for Millennials

Most of us think scientific researches are tedious. What if they are infused with exciting interactive technology?


Since 2014, Indonesia through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has produced 70,000 research findings for various scientific fields. To publish these works, the ministry organized STAFair — an exhibition featuring five researches in the field of maritime, food, and sustainable energy.


Most of the youths think scientific researches are tedious. They are conducted in a very rigid manner, and in many instances, presented just as serious. With STAFair, Ristekdikti seeks to offer a fresher learning experience, especially for youths to get inspired. After all, nobody would benefit from a research if nobody enjoys it.


Immersive elements like projection mapping and Augmented Reality are combined to visualize the otherwise complex research findings. Visitors could enjoy a range of captivating installations, from 3D models of engineered products to magical door that leads to the underwater world. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the brain.

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