Envisioning Home Improvement, in Every Detail

Presenting furnishing project as in various homes directly might be impossible. AR made a virtual tour possible — without losing the tiniest details.


Dekoruma is a home and living e-commerce, which also provides furnishing services as part of their business units. While interior design services and furniture manufacturers remain abundant, there has yet to be a one-stop platform that actualises the A to Z’s of realizing dream homes. Dekoruma intends to be the answer.


To exhibit their works, Dekoruma planned to run an event called Dekoruma Experience Center – which would be held at several malls in Jakarta. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to let their customers experience Dekoruma’s design works fully just through photos and videos. Recreating their works in such limited public space isn’t only difficult, it wouldn’t do them justice.


We helped Dekoruma arrange a set of installation, catalogues, and ‘Magic Postcards’, which customers can take home. Each printed materials are augmented with AR contents showcasing their works. Just by scanning the pictures using Assemblr app, the 3D version will appear on top. Customers can hover over it or even scale it up so they can fit inside — it’s truly an experience.

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