When Education Gets Along with AR

How can teachers develop their students’ learning experience? Find out how AR can freshen it up!


Assemblr EDU is a part of the ecosystem in Assemblr, specifically designed for educational purposes. The platform allows teachers and students to leverage their classroom experience with AR experiences easily, using their on-the-go devices.


Oftentimes, teaching can be challenging when teachers need to explain complex subjects to their students. At the same time, teachers are also encouraged to make innovative and creative learning materials. All the preexisting teaching aids can help, for sure, but there’s just something that still lacks.


Assemblr EDU empowers teachers to turn AR into interactive lessons. It’s not rocket science as it’s easy to use! Teachers can bring their lessons into life — simply with a few taps from their gadgets, or with ready-to-use materials provided in the application. Now, teaching “hard-to-digest” topics won’t drain teachers and students anymore!

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