What is Assemblr Studio?

Where can I access Assemblr Studio?

Which operating systems and devices can I use Assemblr Studio on?

Is Assemblr Studio free?

How can I build my projects in Assemblr Studio?

How can I enliven my projects in AR experiences?

What are the available AR markers in Assemblr Studio?

Is custom marker available to use for free?

Can I import custom 3D objects from 3D modeling softwares to Assemblr?

Why do my 3D objects sometimes disappear when viewed in AR mode?

Can I share my project on social media?

How can I embed my project to my website?

I got stuck while logging in to Assemblr Studio. How can I resolve this?

How do I scan custom markers?

Why couldn't people scan my QR or custom marker?

Why did my project keep on crashing when I opened or created it?

What is Assemblr EDU?

I’m very new to this kind of technology. Are there any learning resources or tutorials I can get?

I’m neither a teacher nor a student, but I’m so interested in the educational field. Can I use Assemblr EDU?

What kind of features does Assemblr EDU have?

What can I do on the Class feature?

How many members can I add to my classroom?

How can I share the class code with my teachers or students?

How many educational topics are there?

Are these educational topics available for free?

How can I view the educational topics in 3D & AR?

Does Assemblr EDU provide subscription plans?

What are the subscription types?

What kind of benefits can I gain from subscribing to Assemblr EDU?

Does Assemblr EDU provide programs or communities to support my activities?

What is Assemblr Metaverse?

How can I access the metaverse?

What makes it different from other metaverse platforms?

Is there any minimum device specification to access the metaverse?

Is it available to access for free?

What kind of activities can I do in the metaverse?

Do I have a character in the metaverse?

Can I purchase avatar accessories to mix and match my looks?

Can I create a customized avatar character?

Can I visit places all across the world virtually?

I don't have a VR headset. Can I still access Assemblr Metaverse?

What are Spaces?

What are the differences between Public and Private Space?

How many people can enter one same space?

Why can't I enter some spaces?

Is the space available for free?

I don't want to own a space for a lifetime. Can I only rent the space?

How can I purchase or rent a space?

Can I decorate my own space?

What can I use my space for?

I want to talk with everyone like having a call. Can I do that?

How is it possible to walk around the space?

Does Assemblr Metaverse have any event for their users?