Offshore Facilities Made Simple

When it comes to state-owned oil company, a lot of engineered structures are involved. AR helps the staffs stay engaged in learning how to operate them.


Pertamina is Indonesia’s state-owned company engaged in the energy sector including oil, gas and renewable energy. Operating since 1968, the firm is currently the second-largest crude oil producer in Indonesia, and one of the only two companies in Indonesia which have made it to the Fortune 500 list.


A lot of people are involved when it comes to running large-scale engineered products like offshore facilities. From company owners, managers, to maintenance staffs, everyone needs to learn what the company is going to operate. It’s hard to grasp how parts in Pertamina’s oil platforms work without seeing it in detail down to the smallest parts. Dismantling the machines is not an option, and articles or videos are not enough to keep people engaged in their training.


Assemblr makes learning about complex engineered products simpler. From assembly examples, quality control information, to maintenance procedures, staffs and workers are able to see the overlay directly on site or learn even when they’re away from the facility.

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