Assemblr Studio Term of Use


The effective date of the Terms of Use is the date 14 October 2022.

The products and services of Assemblr Studio are provided by PT. ASSEMBLR TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA, which is based in Indonesia, and its affiliate, Assemble Pte Ltd in Singapore. These Terms of Use (“Terms”) regulate the access and use of the Assemblr Studio website, products, and services (“Product”).

When making use of Assemblr Studio Services, users (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “User”) have to abide by the guidelines, rules and regulations, or terms applied, which may be renewed from time to time. Please pay attention to our Terms closely, and contact us should you have any questions. By accessing or using our Product, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Assemblr Studio Account

To access our Service features, you have to register for an Account in Assemblr Studio. You are not allowed to use other people’s accounts without permission. When creating an account, you have to share accurate and complete information. You are responsible for any activity occurring on your account, and you have to keep your password safe. You must inform Assemblr Studio as soon as possible of any privacy violation or unauthorized uses in your account and also any information changes by updating your personal information—hence enabling us to communicate with you effectively.

Assemblr Studio is not responsible for any damage caused by any unauthorized use of your account, and you may have to be responsible for the damage itself, which may harm Assemblr Studio or other people.

If you give any incorrect, unclear, inaccurate, or incomplete personal information or data as well as statements and guarantees, Assemblr Studio reserves the right to reject your account application and suspend or terminate half or entire Assemblr Studio Services given to you.

Assemblr Studio Account Limitations

Your account is limited to use only in 3 (three) different devices/browsers at the maximum. If you are using your account in more than 3 (three) devices/browsers, you will get a notification from Assemblr Studio which states that your account cannot be used.If we reasonably suspect that your business or transaction is associated with fraud activities, or in another way, violating the laws—or that you violate all the Terms & Conditions or Agreements, we could do certain limitations to avoid the loss or mitigate risks such as suspending or terminating your Account.

Underage Users

Underage Users are people that have yet reached the age of majority according to the jurisdiction in using Assemblr Studio Services will be their parents’ or guardians’ personal responsibility.

As a User, you state and guarantee that you are over the age of 18 years old; or if you are over 13 years old and under 18 years old, you are released or have parental or legal guardian’s consent and are able and competent to abide by the terms, requirements, responsibility, affirmation, statement, and assurance determined in this Agreement.

Users of Our Services under the age of 18 (eighteen) years old depending on the supervision and approval of their parents or guardians. We suggest parents who monitor and permit their children to use the Services, be able to communicate about their children’s safety online. Parents or guardians of Users under the age of 18 (eighteen) years old are fully responsible for any action that the children do while using Assemblr Studio Services.

Your privacy and secrecy, including the registered name, email address, and phone number, will entirely be your own personal responsibility. Any damage, harm, and risks caused by your negligence in keeping the privacy and secrecy as mentioned above are borne by you and/or your parents or guardians. Therefore, We will consider every action you do on your Account a legitimate request from you.

Service Products

Assemblr Studio gladly offers several services and access to 3D/AR items, including:

Assemblr Studio “Free 3D Bundle”

It is a free service with limited functionality, which is available to use for every Assemblr Studio User.

Assemblr Studio “Pro 3D Bundle”

It is a paid service, which can be obtained by subscribing to our plans or purchasing per item with Assemblr Coin or any other payment method available in Assemblr Studio.

Assemblr Studio “Special 3D Bundle”

It is a part of Assemblr Studio Services that can be used to purchase 3D objects per bundle made by special creators, collaborators, and brands/enterprises. The item is available to purchase using all the payment methods in Assemblr Studio, except for Assemblr Coin.


Assemblr is strongly committed to keeping your privacy. Please review our Privacy Policy.

Limit of Use

You are not allowed to use our Services for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You agree to abide by the law, rules, and regulations, which are valid for Your use of Services and Content (defined below), including but not limited to the protection of other copyright and intellectual property rights.

You agree not to upload content, create designs, or use Assemblr Studio—either directly or indirectly—in any way which may:

  • Support or cause physical or mental harm, emotional pressure, death, disability, or desecration towards yourself, other people, or animals;
  • Support or cause loss, harm, or damage to any properties;
  • Make serious efforts to harm or exploit children;
  • Harass, be violent, attack certain races or ethnics, defile a good name, attack publicity rights or personal privacy, defame, or threaten;
  • Discriminate, incite, or support discrimination towards other people based on their races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ages, disabilities, descendants, country origins, or any other base;
  • Be sexually explicit or pornographic, or contain links to the explicit materials;
  • Get involved in selling or promoting illegal activities, products, or services;
  • Be a part of fraud or support fraud activities;
  • Violate someone’s or any third party’s right, including their intellectual property rights and data privacy;
  • Contain any information or content that you are not entitled to provide based on any law or in connection with confidentiality, contractual, or fiduciary obligations.
  • Contain any information or disinformation that is incorrect, fraudulent, or misleading; or support, agree to, encourage, or facilitate fraud information distribution;
  • Violate the laws or support illegal activities;
  • Threaten or disrupt any democratic process or institution.

Assemblr Studio reserves the right to reject any 3D asset/digital asset uploaded by Users with or without any reason. Assemblr Studio has the right to delete your upload on Our Services at any time without any reason (including, but not limited to our belief that your upload may get us charged by the law or violate our Terms, norms, or applicable laws). We also reserve the right to remove one of the 3D assets/digital assets from Our Services at any time without any reason. However, you agree that every license issued by Assemblr Studio related to the removed 3D assets/digital assets will still apply and have full legal force and effect based on the license requirements.


Our Terms and policy (including our Acceptable Use Policy) give you a limited, non-exclusive, not transferable, and cancelable license to use our Product.

Purchasing & Selling Assets

If you purchase and/or sell Assets in Assemblr Studio, every purchase can only be made with 2 (two) services, which are: direct transfer or digital payment method provided. Both of them can be done by internal or external users;

Coin purchases in Assemblr Studio, which can only be done by internal users and used in Assemblr ecosystem.

Every purchase or sale happening in Assemblr Studio will be charged the fee that has to be transferred to Assemblr Studio. The price will be automatically applied as a part of the sale transaction and will be the User’s responsibility to pay for it.

Price and Payment

Assemblr Studio will not charge you for downloading and using the application. However, we put subscription fees for certain features or Services.

In terms of the charged Services, you can find the pricing on the Application before you order the Service. We may change or update the subscription fee from time to time based on certain factors, such as the type of Services and applicable legislation. We may also charge a certain price for the use of the Application, which can be collected by Us, Our affiliates, or the Service Provider. We can determine that the payment for our Service subscription can only be done through Our cellular application and website, or only one of them, and/or differentiate the price displayed on Our application and website—in which the differences are quite common due to additional fee from the third-party platforms (including but not limited to Google Play or Apple App Store) where we place our Application at.

You can proceed with the payment towards Services, Third Party Content, or Offers that are accessed through an electronic payment method—which is provided by independent third parties on Assemblr Studio, including electronic money, loans, debit or credit card, bank accounts, or other payment methods that may change from time to time based on Our policy. We are not responsible for any mistake or negligence caused by services provided by the Payment Method Providers, including but not limited to the downtime payment system or cessation of payment services.
To proceed with a third-party Payment Method, you have to be officially registered on the Payment Method Provider that you choose and use your own payment credentials (if it is required by your Payment Method Provider).

In terms of using payment credentials registered to other parties, you are fully responsible for any required permission and damage or dispute between you and the party involved, due to your mistake or negligence.

We have the right to reject or suspend your payment request through a certain Payment Method due to certain circumstances, including but not limited to any indications or We have a strong reason to suspect any fraud, violation of Terms and Conditions, violation of applicable legislation including the ones that are related to payment tools using cards, electronic money, payment transaction process, anti-money laundering, corruption and prevention of terrorism financing, or other unreasonable or suspicious actions, including when your obligations have not been fulfilled to us.

For the details, here are discounts by our payment method service providers for your purchase:

  1. Midtrans: IDR4,000 (four thousand rupiahs) discount
  2. Stripe: 2.9% + $0.3% to 5.4% + $0.3% discount
  3. GoPay: 2% (two percent) discount
  4. QRIS: 0.7% (zero point seven percent) discount

Assemblr Coin

If you own an account or space on Assemblr Studio or Assemblr Metaverse, we offer Assemblr Coin as a digital currency in our ecosystem. The digital coins can be used by internal account holders to purchase or sell items on our platforms. Please take note that the value of Assemblr Coin will not change, can only be used on our platforms, and is not allowed to be converted into money.

Assemblr External Contributors (IP Owners)

Assemblr Studio provides services for External Contributors (IP Owners) to send 3D Assets to Assemblr Studio Services. By using our service, you agree to be bound by these Terms, which contain applicable terms for all Assemblr Studio users.

We keep and provide exclusive rights for Assemblr External Contributors (IP Owners), which they can contribute by submitting their digital assets (3D models) to our platform and enabling users to purchase the digital assets in Assemblr Studio. We are committed to keeping and protecting the ownership of the External Contributors’ (IP Owners) intellectual property rights, including the Brands, Copyright, Industry Designs, or Patent and other Intellectual Properties which are submitted or produced by the External Contributors. In this case, assets submitted by the External Contributors (IP Owners) in Assemblr Studio can only be used for personal non-commercial uses.

By using our Services, you agree to use products provided by External Contributors (IP Owners) for personal use, educational, or internal purposes only. If you would like to use them for commercial purposes, please contact the External Contributors (IP Owners) involved directly.

By using our Services, External Contributors (IP Owners) and you agree to free Assemblr Studio and its affiliates from any charges regarding commercial uses that are not provided in our Services.

Licencing for External Contributors (IP Owners)

By submitting your 3D Assets to our Services, you as an External Contributor (IP Owner) agree to give us rights and a non-exclusive license which applies globally to copy, duplicate, create derivative works, display on public, market, sublicense, and sell 3D Assets or any media that you submit to Assemblr Studio—by abiding by our Terms and Conditions of the Agreement. Assemblr Studio may also copy, display, transmit, broadcast, and adapt your 3D Assets for us to promote, advertise, use for educational purposes, and market Assemblr Studio, without any additional compensation to you (except if it’s agreed otherwise or as described in this Agreement).

Assemblr Studio reserves the right but is not obligated to license all your submitted 3D Assets to the Library to our Users according to the Content License Agreement or other licenses offered by Assemblr Studio. This covers our rights to license the Library to the Users through its subscription models. You also agree that Assemblr Studio may give or sublicense any rights based on this Agreement to the service providers, legal entities involved, or other third parties to be used in any Assemblr Studio service version all over the world.

You acknowledge and agree that Users can use Library for any permitted uses based on our Content License Agreement or other licenses offered by Assemblr Studio and are not obligated to inform Assemblr Studio or you about the use except for any commercial use for 3D Assets owned by External Contributors (IP Owners).

By submitting your 3D Assets to our Library, you give us the right to give the license to other people in order for them to use them.

As an External Contributor (IP Owner), you agree that during the time of our collaboration, your uploaded and submitted 3D Assets will be available in our Library and will always be able to use by our Users for as long as the Service is still available, or after the Service is not available but users had purchased the 3D Assets when they were still up on our Service.

External Contributors Royalty and Payment Terms


Assemblr Studio will pay External Contributors (IP Owners) royalties for every 3D Assets license purchased which Users upload to our Library in Assemblr Studio.

External Contributors Royalty Fee

External Contributors agree to receive 70% of every content license purchase sold in Assemblr Studio, while the rest of it will be used for platform development and promotion fees.

Payment for External Contributors

The royalty payment will be conducted manually every month through the payment method designated by Assemblr Studio until the payment system developed by Assemblr Studio has been completed.

Assemblr Studio Creator Royalty Tax

As a Creator, we are obligated to make tax deductions towards the Royalty for External Contributors (IP Owners) that have completed 3D Assets sales on our Service. According to PPh Chapter 23, we as a service provider have to make deductions of 15% from the gross amount of the royalty, regarding the royalty tax regulations applied in Indonesia.

For overseas External Contributors, we suggest you consult with tax professionals in your country to understand whether you have to pay additional taxes in your country.


Assemblr is the owner of all copyrights and data rights of the Service and content. Any individuals, Users, or External Contributors (IP Owners) who have submitted their works to Assemblr Studio are the copyright owners of the parts of the component in the works, or posting works based on a license from the copyright owners or agents, or vice versa, which have been regulated and allowed by the laws. You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, display or publicly perform, or prepare derivative works based on any Content, including any works without any written permission from Assemblr Studio or copyright owners appropriate in the works. Assemblr Studio does not claim ownership of your works or other materials that you upload to our Services. You agree not to distribute any parts of the Services, aside from your Content, in any forms of media other than as permitted by the Terms of Service or by using functions on our Services provided by us. You agree not to modify or change any parts of the Service, except if it’s expressly permitted by us to be performed or by using functions on our Services provided by us.

Reporting Intellectual Property Rights Violations

Assemblr Studio appreciates other people’s intellectual property rights, and we ask our Users and visitors to do the same. Assemblr Studio will process and investigate any alleged violation and will take action based on the applicable intellectual property laws. After receiving notice according to the applicable laws, Assemblr Studio will take action to remove or inactivate access to the violated materials or being the subject of the violation activities, and will remove or inactivate access towards the references or links to the violated materials or activities.

If you feel that your works have been copied by violating the copyrights or intellectual property rights, please contact Assemblr with the information. Please note that you have to be effective, and your report has to include the following things: physical or electronic signatures from the authorized person to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive violated copyrights; a description of the works along with your claims of copyright violations; descriptions about the specific location on where the work is violated in the website; address, phone number, and email address, as well as other information that can let us contact you; an arranged statement that you have good faith that the disputed use does not have the permission of the copyright owner, agent, or laws; the statement that you have created is made under oath, stating that the information on your Notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or empowered to act on behalf of the violated copyright owner.

Please send the notice about copyright violations to:


PT. Assemblr Teknologi Indonesia
Legal/IP Division
Jl. Ir. Juanda No. 477 A, Build D
Bandung 40135, Indonesia

Email: (Please write the title as “Violation Notice”)


Monitoring Content

Assemblr Studio does not have the power to control Content that you can upload, post, or share with our Services; and is not obligated to monitor the Content for any purpose. You acknowledge that you are entirely responsible for all the Content and materials that you upload, post, or share with our Services.

Retention Policy

Currently, Assemblr provides free and paid online storage for your Contents. However, you have to recognize and agree that Assemblr determines certain limitations related to the use of Service, including the maximum limit of duration, file size, and disk storage that will be provided to you to store your Contents on our server.

You also agree that Assemblr has the right to terminate or suspend inactive accounts, in Assemblr’s single policy, for a long period of time—that said, erasing or suspending any access to your Content. Assemblr will not be responsible for or obligated for any erasure or failure in saving any Contents in our Service, and you are fully responsible for your own to make a backup of your Content. You will further agree that Assemblr has the right to change the Retention Policy from time to time, with or without any notice to you.

Warranties and Limitations of Liability

We provide Platforms as they are, and we do not guarantee that any constraints, punctuality, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy, completeness, or safety from our Platforms could fulfill all the requirements and suit your expectations.

We are not liable to any users for any loss or damage, be it in the form of contracts, unlawful acts (including negligence), breach of obligations based on the laws—or in the contrary, although predictable, would happen under or related to:

  1. The use or incapability of using Our Platforms; or
  2. The use or trust for any contents displayed on Our Platforms

Our Platforms can undergo any limitation, delay, and other problems out of our control. We are not responsible for any lateness, sending failure, damage, loss, or disadvantages caused by the issues mentioned above or other issues that we are not capable of controlling. However, we will always try our best to help you.

We are also not responsible for any harm or disadvantage caused by viruses, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, failures or errors on our third-party’s system, or any dangerous technology materials that may infect your computer devices, program, data, or any ownership materials due to using or downloading any contents on Our Platforms or other websites related to you.

We are not obligated to monitor your access or use of our Platforms. However, We always monitor to make sure our Platforms run smoothly and that you abide by the Terms of Use, applicable laws and regulations, court rulings, and/or the policy of administrative institutions or other government institutions.

We are not responsible for any website contents connected to Our Platforms. The links should not be interpreted as Our form of support for the websites. We also are not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused by using those websites.

Force Majure

Assemblr Studio cannot be held accountable for any delay and/or failure in completing obligations, which may be caused by events beyond our control (hereafter referred to as Force Majeure). Force Majeure events are things that happen beyond the control of All Parties, including but not limited to riots, epidemics, fire, floods, earthquakes, general strikes, war, sabotages, and the effectiveness of provisions in the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia that may limit or cause each party not being able to conduct their obligations based on these Terms and Conditions.

In terms of one of several happenings and/or events occurring, Assemblr is obligated to notify written notice through email, website, and/or application to Users 7 (seven) calendar days at the latest ever since the event happens.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

These terms are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia with no contrary to legal principles. We agree to abide by the jurisdiction that has been selected for solving every problem or dispute.

For your dispute with Assemblr Studio, you agree to contact us first and make an effort to solve the dispute informally. If you have not been able to solve the dispute informally and have not yet reached an agreement, each party agrees that the dispute will be continued to BANI (Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia) in Jakarta in 30 (thirty) calendar days or another time period as has been agreed by you and Assemblr ever since the dispute arises. Both parties should agree to the final decision made by BANI and cannot be asked for a decision at a higher level and bind both parties.

Other Terms

This agreement, along with the Privacy Policy, represents all agreements between Assemblr Studio and Users in connection with providing Service, and all prior representations and beliefs—written or verbal. You cannot transfer the Agreement or any rights or obligations to any third party. Assemblr Studio can freely establish the Agreement, including its business operation development. You agree that any electronic text of these Terms is a form of document, and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will “sign” to all the points as a form of agreement. You will also free Assemblr from any legal claims for using Assemblr platforms. You agree to receive communications from us via electronic means, and you agree that we can communicate with you through email or by posting notifications on our Services. You agree that all the agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications we give to you, or you give to us, via electronic means meet all the legal requirements which require the communication in written texts.

How to Contact

To contact us, please call us at (022) 20463080, email us at, or send a post to our office at Jl. Ir.Juanda No.477 Ruko Blok D, Coblong, Dago, Kota Bandung - Indonesia 40135.