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The effective date of this Terms of Use is on 1 September 2022


Assemblr Metaverse products and services are provided by PT. ASSEMBLR TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA, which is based in Indonesia, and its affiliates Assemblr Pte Ltd (Singapore). These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the access and use of the Assemblr Metaverse website and products and services ("Products"). When using the Assemblr Metaverse Services, users (“You” or “User”) will have to comply with the guidelines, regulations, or provisions applied, which may be updated from time to time. Please read the terms thoroughly and contact us should you have any questions. By accessing or using our Product, you agree to be bound by these Terms and by our Privacy Policy.


By accessing or using Assemblr Metaverse, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) related to our site (“Site”). This Agreement is entirely and solely an agreement between us and you and replaces any prior or current agreements, statements, assurances, and understandings regarding the Site, Content, Product, or Service provided by or through the Site, and the subject matter of this agreement.

The agreement may be modified from time to time without prior notice to you. The latest version of the agreement will be posted on the Site, and you will have to review the Agreement carefully before using the Site.

If you are a User coming from a certain company, the use of the Service will be regulated by the Service Agreement between your company and Assemblr Metaverse. Please read the whole agreement thoroughly to understand your rights and obligations.

By accessing or using the Service, you agree to the terms of use, conditions, and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms, then do not use the Service. Alternatively, you can also delete or deactivate the Service on your device software.

Account Uses & Behaviors

To access our Service’s features, you have to create an Assemblr Metaverse Account. Assemblr Metaverse provides 2 (two) account choices that you can use on our Service including:

a. Internal Users

An account that already owns a place inside Assemblr Metaverse.

b. External Users

A visitor account on Assemblr Metaverse.

You are not allowed to use other people’s accounts without any permission. When creating an account, you have to provide accurate and thorough information. You will have to be responsible for any activities happening on your account and secure your password to avoid any disadvantage or legal consequences due to your negligence or mistakes.

If there’s any security breach or unauthorized use of your account, please let us know; including any changes to the information you provided when registering by updating your personal information, so we can communicate effectively.

Although Assemblr Metaverse will not be held responsible for losses caused by unauthorized use of your account, you may be responsible for losses from Assemblr Metaverse or others due to such unauthorized use.

Assemblr Metaverse Services are not intended to be used for minor Users which have been ruled according to the jurisdiction. Minor Users who use the Assemblr Metaverse Services will be the responsibility of parents/guardians of the Users.

If you provide incorrect, unclear, inaccurate, or incomplete statements and guarantees, information, or personal data, Assemblr Metaverse has the right to reject your AssemblrMetaverse Account application and suspend or stop half of or entire Assemblr Metaverse Services provided to you.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights related to the Assemblr Metaverse Services are owned by Assemblr Metaverse and its affiliates, which are obtained in a legal way and do not violate any applicable laws and regulations. There’s no right or permission allowed, be it directly or indirectly, to Users or any parties to access the site to use or multiply any intellectual property, and there’s no party that can claim the rights of ownership or interest in it. You are not allowed to modify the copy in the form of paper or digital from any material. If you happen to find any violation of our Intellectual Property Rights, please report it to us by reaching out to our contact person.

Purchasing and Selling Assets in Assemblr Metaverse

If you purchase and/or sell Assets in the Assemblr Metaverse, you can only use these 2 (two) networks for every financial transaction:

a. Payment with direct transfer or digital payment method provided in the platform, which can be used by internal or external users in Assemblr Metaverse

b. Purchasing coins on Assemblr Metaverse, which can only be used by internal users in Assemblr Metaverse

Every transaction of purchase or sale that happens on Assemblr Metaverse will be charged with an additional fee that has to be paid by the buyer to Assemblr Metaverse. The fee will be applied automatically as a part of the sales transaction.

Ownership of Assemblr Metaverse Content

All Assemblr Metaverse Content is owned by Assemblr Metaverse or its licensors, and is protected by the laws. Your use of the Service does not give you any ownership in AssemblrMetaverse Content and except for the limited license we give you under this Agreement, your use of the Service does not give you any license or permission under copyright, trademark, or intellectual property of the other property rights of Assemblr Metaverse or its affiliates. We have all rights not expressly granted to you in this Agreement.

We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use our Services provided by us, which have been regulated in the Terms—except when it’s allowed and stated in the Terms.

You may not reproduce, distribute, adapt, modify, translate, publish, prepare derivative works, or make use of our Services or Assemblr Metaverse Content for any purpose without written consent from Assemblr Metaverse or the appropriate copyright owner in the works. Any kind of commercial exploitation over our Services or Assemblr Metaverse Content without any prior written consent from us or the right holder is strictly prohibited.

Every software that acts as a service related to the Services (“Software”) is entirely owned by Assemblr Metaverse, except if it’s needed to proceed with prior licensing, any kinds of use, redistribution, selling, decompilation, reverse engineering, demolition, translation, or software reduction in a readable form for humans is strictly prohibited. You agree that AssemblrMetaverse can renew the Software without any prior notice anytime and at our sole discretion and that this Term will apply in accordance with the latest version of the Software.


During the operation of the Services, you can upload certain Assets that you have created to Assemblr Metaverse according to this Term. You will always be the owner of your Assets every time, and Assemblr Metaverse does not claim any ownership over your Assets, except if it’s stated the other way in this Term. The Term will apply to all Assets that you import to any Assemblr Metaverse site.

You are fully responsible to ensure that every Asset you upload to our Services abides by the laws and any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and publicity rights. You agree that every information included in your Assets can be used according to Privacy Policies. Assemblr Metaverse will always have the right, at its sole discretion, to accept or reject any Assets.

By using our Services, you grant Assemblr Metaverse the right and license that applies worldwide, non-exclusive, continuous, uncancelled, sublicensable (in different levels), transferable, and license to use, reproduce, distribute, reformat, and publicly display to develop, distribute, provide, increase, and promote Services, our activities, and Assets that you share publicly. You further grant Assemblr Metaverse to use your name and brand, if there’s any, related to our uses over your Assets which will be shared publicly.

You can make your Assets available to purchase on Assemblr Metaverse. When you upload the Assets and make them available on our marketplace, you maintain ownership over all intellectual property rights related to the Assets. However, you agree to create a certain number of Assets to be available for sale.

The Use of Websites. Personal and Non-Commercial Usage Restrictions

Assemblr Metaverse website can be used for personal uses, be it for your commercial or non-commercial purposes, except if it’s priorly stated in these Terms.

a. Assemblr Metaverse Commercial Uses
If you want to use our Product for any commercial purposes, you have to create a business account and agree to our Service Business Terms. You can use AssemblrMetaverse for the sake of business purposes by setting your business account in Assemblr.

b. Assemblr Metaverse Non-Commercial Uses
You can display and follow any strict limits stated which are related to a certain material, electronically copy, and download. Users are fully responsible to choose the appropriate license, if there’s any, in which the Content is available to download. By downloading the User Content provided by other Users, you will have to agree to obey the applicable license terms when downloading.

Pricing and Payment

Assemblr Metaverse is free to use. However, we also implement subscription prices for Services or feature uses on the Service.

Regarding the Services on the Application that is put charged, you can find the pricing on the Application before ordering the Services. We could change or update our subscription pricing from time to time based on certain factors, including types of Services and the applicable laws and regulations. We could also charge a certain amount as payment for Service uses which can be collected by Us, Our affiliates, or Service Providers. We could determine that payment for our Services subscription pricing could be completed on Our cellular application and website, or only one of them, and/or differentiate our Services subscription pricing listed on Our cellular application and website, in which the different price is a common cause as there are additional charges from the third-party platforms (including, but not limited to Google Play or Apple App Store) where We put our Application.

You could proceed with the payment over Services, Third-Party Content, or Offers that you access or use with cash or electronic payment method, which are provided by independent third parties on the Assemblr Metaverse, including electronic money, loan, debit or credit cards, bank account, or other payment methods which may change anytime based entirely on Our policy. We are not responsible for any mistakes or negligence caused by the services provided by Payment Method Providers, including but not limited to payment system downtime or cessation of payment services.

To proceed with payment through third-party Payment Methods, you are required to be registered officially on the Payment Method services that you choose and use your payment credentials (if it’s required by the Payment Method Services you use). Regarding the payment credentials registered on the other party, you are fully responsible for every required permission and loss or dispute caused by you and the other party due to your failure or negligence.

We have the right to refuse or delay your payment request through the Payment Method due to certain circumstances, including but not limited to any indications or We have certain reasons to suspect any fraud, scam, violation of the Terms and Conditions, violation of the applicable laws and regulations including the ones related with payment instruments using cards, electronic money, payment transaction processing, anti-money laundering, corruption and prevention on the terrorism financing, or other unreasonable or suspicious actions, including your unfulfilled obligations to Us.

Assemblr Coin

We provide Assemblr Coins for any account and land owner in the Assemblr Metaverse. Assemblr Coin is a digital coin that can be used for internal account owners to proceed with any selling or purchasing transactions in the Assemblr Metaverse. The value of the coin will not change and can only be used in the Assemblr Metaverse as well as unconvertible to money.

Prohibition and Limitations of Liability

No one is allowed to make an effort and/or activities that can be considered as making an effort to collect, process, and/or reveal Data contained in the Assemblr Metaverse electrical system with purposes that violate legislation. No one is also allowed to use the Assemblr Metaverse website to violate the network, computer, communication system, software application, or computational devices’ security or integrity (“System”).

The violated acts include accessing or using any System without permission, such as trying to inspect, scan, or test the durability of our System or violating any security or authentication acts that are used in a System.

Assemblr Metaverse and its affiliates are not responsible for the gathering, processing, and/or revealing that are done out of Assemblr Metaverse’s electronic system.

Assemblr Studio Account Limitations

Your account is limited to use only in 3 (three) different devices/browsers at the maximum. If you are using your account in more than 3 (three) devices/browsers, you will get a notification from Assemblr Studio which states that your account cannot be used.If we reasonably suspect that your business or transaction is associated with fraud activities, or in another way, violating the laws—or that you violate all the Terms & Conditions or Agreements, we could do certain limitations to avoid the loss or mitigate risks such as suspending or terminating your Account.

Assemblr Metaverse General Warranties & Limitations of Liability

You agree that you make use of Assemblr Metaverse of your own will and Assemblr Metaverse Service is given to Users as how it is and as available as it is. Assemblr Metaverse does not create any statement or warranty, be it written blatantly or implied as the service operation or content or product that is provided by the service. You strictly agree that you use the service at your own risk.

Our Platforms can undergo any limitation, delay, and other problems out of our control. We are not responsible for any lateness, sending failure, damage, loss, or disadvantages caused by the issues mentioned above or other issues that we are not capable of controlling. However, we will always try our best to help you.

As far as allowed in the applicable laws, Assemblr Metaverse (including its affiliates, directors, and employees) is not responsible, and Users agree not to demand any responsibility from Assemblr Metaverse, for any damage or loss (including, but not limited to the loss of money, reputation, profit, or any intangible loss) which are caused directly or indirectly due to:

  1. The inability or uses of Users in operating Assemblr Metaverse Services;
  2. Assemblr Metaverse Services pricings that have been adjusted with the selected payment method;
  3. Lateness or any interference from Assemblr Metaverse Services;
  4. Negligence and loss caused by each User;
  5. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights;
  6. Dispute between Users;
  7. Defamation to other parties;
  8. Any loss caused by unauthorized payment to other parties in any way on behalf of Assemblr Metaverse or misspelling the bank account number, and/or other information and/or the bank negligence;
  9. Virus or harmful software (bot, script, automation tool, hacking tool) which are obtained by accessing or connecting to the Assemblr Metaverse;
  10. Maintenance, bug, error, or inaccuracies in Assemblr Metaverse Services;
  11. Damage to the Users’ hardware from using every Assemblr Metaverse Service;
  12. Hacking activities conducted by third parties to the User’s account and/or User;
  13. Force majeure

Force Majure

Assemblr Metaverse may be interrupted by events outside of our authority or control ("Force Majeure"), including but not limited to riots, epidemics, fires, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, war, sabotage, power disruptions, telecommunications disruptions, government policies, and others which may limit or result in each party cannot carry out the responsibilities according to the Terms and Conditions.

If we are unable to facilitate our service due to the several events stated, Assemblr Metaverse is responsible to make a written announcement by email, website, and/or application to the Users maximum of 7 (seven) calendar days after the event happens.

The Use of Platform

Assemblr Metaverse, a part of Assemblr, can be used for personal or business purposes by using these several categories:

a. Avatar Creation;

  1. Avatar Creation
    Users can create their own avatar and modify the style with choices of accessories (NFT & non-NFT accessories from our library or brands). These avatars can be used to navigate and interact with other people in the virtual space.
  2. Items Collection
    Users can collect items for their avatars by doing any kind of activities in the World, like collecting gifts from events, purchasing items made by our team or fellow users in the marketplace, redeeming vouchers, and many more.

b. Map Exploration;

1. Explore the World
As creators, users can place their experiences persistently on a specific location. As visitors, users can experience the AR or virtual space and enjoy the content. Here are several activities that users can do in the World:

  1. Explore the world in the form of a 3D map.
  2. Create interactive AR experiences and place them in their spaces.
  3. Set the virtual space to the location.
  4. Purchase, sell, or rent your space to other users. Use it up to their needs.
  5. Set up interactive VR/AR mini-games or any interactive experiences in their spaces, prepare gifts to be claimed, and drive their offline businesses.

2. Claim Buildings

Assemblr Metaverse uses a real-world map, so users can find any street or famous destinations. If users have enough coins, they can claim our virtual spaces, and they can own them for a certain period of time.

c. Virtual Spaces;

1. Spaces Experience

Spaces are virtual areas that users can visit. Users can explore the space, interact with all the objects in the space, share 2D or 3D objects, meet other users virtually in real time, and have a chat with them using voice or chat features. Some virtual spaces can be made for the public, while some of them can also be published in private.

With these spaces, users can decorate them up to their liking. Some activities that they can do in our space include:

  1. Visit and explore public or private virtual spaces.
  2. Walk around the space and interact with other users using voice and chat features.
  3. Purchase your own space, decorate it up to your liking (ex: virtual stores, gallery/showroom, office, classroom, and more), and let other users visit.
  4. Get a space for free with various options for scaling and adjustment.

2. Spaces Use Cases

As visitors, users can access several VR spaces made by other people and interact with the content inside the spaces. There are also a few public spaces where they can find and interact with other people.

d. Geo-Based AR;

1. AR in the Real World

​There are two main roles; users can either act as creators or visitors.

2. Geo-AR Use Cases

Users can create AR experiences that are only made available in certain places. Here are several examples of AR experiences that they can create and place in the real world:

  • AR Mini Games
  • AR Commerce
  • AR Loyalty Program
  • AR Exhibition
  • AR Scavenger Hunt

e. Immersive Content Builder;

  1. AR Experience Creations
    Users can create unforgettable experiences from thousands of 3D objects, images, 3D texts, interactive annotations, and even animations. They don’t need to code since they can create as simple as drag and drop.
  2. Assemblr Studio
    With our editor in Assemblr Studio, users can create their AR experiences easily by choosing from thousands of 3D objects with different themes, importing their own 3D objects and images, and linking a YouTube video to their project. Anyone can create interactive AR experiences and place them in the real world easily.

f. Marketplace;

1. Basic Marketplace

The assets are made by the internal Assemblr Metaverse team and external contributors. External contributors can sell their best works in the marketplace and gain profit. We will strive to support content creators in selling their works in the marketplace easily and in a fun way.

2. Assets in the Marketplace

There are various 3D objects that can be purchased or sold in the marketplace:

a) 3D Objects

  • Bundles consisting of several 3D objects;
  • 3D objects per item

b) 2D Objects

  • Bundles consisting of several 2D objects;
  • 2D objects per item

c) Virtual 3D Spaces

d) Avatar

  • Avatar
  • Accessories for Avatar

3. Assemblr Coin

Assemblr Coin (BLR Coin) is a digital currency that users can use for transactions. This is not a cryptocurrency; users can get the coins by purchasing or claiming them from the available AR/VR experiences.

Users can use Assemblr Coin to purchase several items in the Assemblr Metaverse such as accessories, decorations, furniture, VR spaces, or buildings on the 3D map.

Reporting Violations of Intellectual Property Rights

Assemblr Metaverse respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask our users and visitors to do the same. Assemblr Metaverse will process and investigate suspected violations and will take action based on applicable intellectual property laws. After receiving notification in accordance with applicable rules, Assemblr Metaverse will act to remove or deactivate access to material found to be infringing or to be subject to infringing activity, and will act to remove or disable access to references or links to material or activities found to have been violated.

If you feel that your work has been copied in a way that violates copyright or other intellectual property rights, please provide Assemblr Metaverse with the information. Please note that in order to act effectively, your notice must include a physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed; a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; a description of the location of the material that is considered infringed on the site; address, telephone number, and e-mail address along with all other information that can make Assemblr Metaverse team to contact you; a statement that you have a good faith belief that the material that is claimed as copyright infringement is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; a statement that you make, made under oath, that the information in your Notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

This notice of copyright infringement is addressed to:

By Mail:
PT. Assemblr Teknologi Indonesia
Legal/IP Division
Jl. Ir. Juanda No. 477 A, Block D
Bandung 40135, Indonesia

By E-mail:
legal@assemblrworld.com (Please write the title as "Notification of Violation")


Monitoring Contents

Assemblr Metaverse does not have the ability to control the Content that you can upload, post, or send using the Service and has no obligation to monitor the Content for any purpose. You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for all Content and material that you upload, post, or transmit using the Service.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This provision is governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, without conflicting with legal principles. Both of us agree to submit to the jurisdiction chosen for each resolution/dispute.

Any claim or dispute between you and Assemblr Metaverse which arises in whole or in part from the Service will be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in the Republic of Indonesia.

For each of your disputes with Assemblr Metaverse, you agree to first contact us and try to resolve the dispute with us informally. If you have not been able to settle a dispute with us informally and reached any deliberation, in 30 (thirty) calendar days or another specified period agreed by both Assemblr Metaverse and you since the Dispute arises, then both of the parties agree to forward the issue to Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI) in Jakarta, Indonesia, to resolve the dispute. The ruling and decision made by Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI) are final and binding, so both parties cannot request a decision on a higher level and it binds both Parties.

Other Provisions

This agreement, together with the Privacy Policy, represents the entire agreement between Assemblr Metaverse and the User regarding the provision of the Service, and all prior representations and understandings, both written and oral. You cannot transfer this Agreement or any rights or obligations here to any third party. Assemblr Metaverse may freely stipulate this Agreement, including for the development of its business operations. You agree that any electronic text of these Terms is a form of document, and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will “sign” to all the points as a form of agreement. You will also free Assemblr from any legal claims for using Assemblr platforms. You agree to receive communications from us electronically, and you agree that we can communicate with you via e-mail or by posting a notice on the Service. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you, or that you provide to us, electronically fulfill all legal requirements that require that communication be made in writing.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us at (022) 20463080, message us through support@assemblrworld.com, or send us a post to the Assemblr Office’s address located in Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 477A Block D, Coblong, Dago, Bandung, West Java – Indonesia 40135.