FERPA & COPPA Privacy Policy and Notice

FERPA & COPPA Privacy Policy and Notice.

Assemblr, which is domiciled and headquartered in Indonesia, provides services that are available on a global scale. We are deeply concerned and always committed to protecting your personal data solemnly, and we also have our own policy and standard procedures to supervise and protect all data that is processed on behalf of our clients. We are quite experienced in collaborating in the Educational sectors (schools) globally.

FERPA & COPPA compliance:

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) and The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as its regulations (collectively COPPA), oblige us as the service provider to inform parents and legal guardians about our practices in collecting, making use of, and disclosing the children’s personal information. We are also required to get consent that can be verified by the children's parents to collect, make use of, and disclose the children’s certain personal information.

The data that Assemblr can collect includes personal information of education data that abide by FERPA. To grant Assemblr permission in providing Services to users, you are to appoint Assemblr as a “school representative” under the direct supervision of the school to comply with all FERPA provisions.

COPPA requires all online service providers to grant consent from parents before they consciously gather personally identifiable information online from children under 13 years old. Therefore, Assemblr will only gather personal information through Services from students under 13 years old, of which their schools, districts, and/or teachers agree and are already granted permission from their parents to use Services and disclose personal information to us for using the Assemblr platform.

With this provision, we will give information to parents about:

  1. The types of information that we gather from children who carry on activities in the Assemblr Edu platform;
  2. How we use the information we gathered;
  3. How we disclose the information;
  4. How to inform and be granted permission by the parents when we gather the children’s personal information, including how parents can withdraw their consent;
  5. All operators that gather or manage the children’s information who use the Service.

If you are convinced that a student under 13 years old may have given us personal information that violates the paragraph above, please message us at support@assemblrworld.com.

Personal Information

Assemblr relies heavily on consent in connection with gathering or using Personal Information (if it’s needed to use Assemblr’s services and/or receive information and/or communicate from Assemblr through email subscriptions), which is required to improve the user experience, activate services or optional features, or communicate with you.

Consent Withdrawal

Assemblr believes that we only reserve the right to access or use your Personal Information; only if you grant us your consent to do so. Whenever we rely on your consent, you can always withdraw it.

Personal Information Removal

If users ask to remove their personal information in Assemblr, we will be fully obligated to do so. Users’ personal information will be removed without any backup. When users ask to remove their personal information, they have to understand this consequence.

Access to Personal Information

Assemblr guarantees not to share any personal information with third parties. Assemblr EDU, the educational platform, gathers and saves personal information from registered clients to activate the saving system in the website for further references for the users.

Types of Personal Information

To provide our core services, Assemblr processes the following personal information:

Students: When using Assemblr, there’s no individual data processed for students, and there’s also no individual that is recognized and/or identified. When using Assemblr’s cellular application, there’s no data/information gathered and/or saved about the users aside from the standard information.

Teachers/school staff: We only process name, email, group/class registration through Assemblr’s educational platform. When using Assemblr, there’s no data/information gathered and/or saved about the users aside from the standard information.

Teachers/guardians: We only process name, email, group/class registration through Assemblr’s educational platform. When using Assemblr, there’s no data/information gathered and/or saved about the users aside from the standard information.

Who Can Access Personal Information

If we need to access our clients’ data, for example, to investigate a certain case for legal purposes, only approved Assemblr technicians will be granted access. Our staff are always under control and comply with contract data access policy and confidentiality clauses.

How We Repair Data

We collect users’ data from users who have registered to use Assemblr’s software, which means registering as the account administrator. An account administrator can fix users’ data generated in the Assemblr platform. If you encounter any difficulties in data repairment, please contact us at support@assemblrworld.com

Implementation of users’ data protection rights

You can contact us at support@assemblrworld.com to confirm your personal data existence, origins, process, as well as purposes; data cancellation, data blocking that is processed by violating the laws; data upgrades, corrections, or integrations. You can also decline whenever there’s a possibility to create your personal data profile.

The effective date of this Policy is on 9 March 2022.