Fun, Educative Experience to Learn Islamic Values

These days, the way children consume content is more varied than ever. It’s getting even trickier when such industry players need to deliver their message powerfully. But, what if they use augmented reality in that case?


Nussa is an Indonesian animation series produced by The Little Giantz. Airing since November 2018, Nussa has been popular due to its “fun-edutainment” concept in teaching Islamic values to children. First aired on YouTube, Nussa was also broadcasted on TV channels, such as NET, Indosiar, Astro Ceria, and Trans TV.


As Nussa is emphasizing its educational aspect, the way they penetrate their target audience—in this case, children—can be quite tricky. They realize that various kinds of technology could be their tools, but their one-pick remains questionable.


During Ramadan, we collaborated with Nussa to include snippets of the animation as weekly content on Assemblr. People can simply go to the Exclusive Content on our platform and view the cute characters popping up in the form of AR. Not only that it’s entertaining, children can also learn some Islamic values in every bit of the contents!

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