Request for Erasure of Personal Data

As mentioned in our privacy policy, the personal data we collect include your e-mail address and password on your sign-up process; also, we collect additional information such as your name, username, profile picture, project title, biodata, and content you have shared or uploaded (e.g. photos for your profile picture) as well as content you have created within Assemblr.

As our user, you have the full right to remove your account. Once you have removed it, we will not keep your data afterward; they will be automatically deleted from our database.

Erasing Personal Data
Below are some measures you can do to remove your account:
1. Open your Profile.
2. Tap Settings, which are located on the upper right of your screen.
3. Choose Delete Account.
4. Fill in the requested information.
5. Tap Request OTP. We will send out a one-time password (OTP) to your e-mail address; please input it on our application when you receive it.
6. Your account will officially be removed.