Explore the world in immersive VR & AR experiences

Do Everything, Virtually

With The World, get ready to unveil the world of immersive metaverse experiences. Beyond VR experiences, you can also integrate AR experiences into The World—blending physical and virtual worlds as one.

Travel places, create virtual activities, and have fun with everyone—straight through your browser. Available to access on your phone, tablet, PC, or VR headset.

Dive into The World

3D Real-World Map

Explore the world & travel around through the 3D real-world map, and place or visit any spaces or AR experiences around you.

Avatar Customization

Represent yourself in the form of avatars, and mix and match the style with different choices of outfits and accessories.

Virtual Spaces

Own your virtual spaces by purchasing them one-time or renting them for a certain period—based on your needs. 

Space Decoration

Decorate your own space from scratch, or use the available templates to save your time. Simply drag and drop the 3D & 2D objects from our library, videos, texts, or images, and you’re all set.

Accessible on Multiple Devices

Access our metaverse flexibly on different devices—be it from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or VR headsets.

Assemblr Metaverse - The World | Web Metaverse - A metaverse for all your needs. Explore the world in immersive VR & AR experiences, and do any activities virtually straight on mobile, PC, or VR headsets.

A Metaverse for All Your Needs

Assemblr Web Player

Turn your virtual spaces into anything you want up to your needs. From business, education, or just-for-fun activities, there’s nothing that can stop you.

With The World, hold business meetings, sell products, exhibit your works, teach or learn in your classroom, or create a fun playground—all virtually.

Ready to experience the immersive world?

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