Not Your Usual Kind of Meeting Invitation

In cases like invitations, people might expect more than mere heavy texts of information. With its interactivity, AR can step up the game!


PT Asuransi Jiwa Astra, commonly known as Astra Life, is an Indonesian life insurance company. Founded in 2014, Astra Life is owned by several companies namely PT Astra International Tbk—an Indonesian conglomerate company, PT Sedaya Multi Investama, and Koperasi Astra International.


Most of the time, people don’t put much attention to meeting invitations. When Astra Life planned their internal virtual meeting, they particularly addressed this concern. They wanted to give an impression that a meeting invitation could also be visually appealing and interactive.


With our help, Astra Life managed to create an AR-based video invitation. Through the distributed invitation card, their employees could scan and view a presenter popped up above the card, inviting everyone to participate in the meeting. The video is also decorated with attractive 3D objects!

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