Machine Training Goes Virtual

For merchants, understanding how EDC machines work might not be for everyone. With 3D and AR experiences, BCA makes the training process more efficient and seamless—all in one app.


Established in 1957, Bank Central Asia (BCA) is the biggest private banking company in Indonesia with thousands of branches and several subsidiaries operating all over the country. In 2022 alone, they managed to win 50 awards for the excellent services they offer.


When merchants want to use the EDC machine, BCA will have to make sure that they’re well-comprehended of how it works. And that was usually done by having thorough training sessions—be it online or offline. With limited manpower and time, that’s obviously a hurdle to tackle.


To simplify the training session, we created an AR training app for BCA called Info EDC BCA. Instead of holding offline training sessions, merchants can learn independently how to operate the machine—simply with the pop-up instructions and information in detailed 3D & AR visualizations.

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