Redefining the Meaning of Virtual Shopping Experience

Merged with immersive elements, CRSL establishes a whole new experience to shop their physical products—without having to be there physically.


Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, CRSL is a local brand focusing on developing apparel, merchandise, as well as their IP brands ever since 2013. With their five cute animal icons, CRSL blends fun and youthful designs into their products to break through their niche.


For apparel like CRSL, focusing on developing their products will be one of their top priorities. However, as an online shop, they can't leave aside their marketing aspect. It has to be memorable, exciting to follow, and trendy.


To tackle this challenge, we’re crafting a virtual space namely CRSL Land. People can shop for CRSL physical products by clicking on one of the product visualizations, and they will be directed to CRSL’s online shop. If people finish the games, they can also get discount rewards for their CRSL product purchases.

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