Celebrating Ramadan Season with an Unusual Concept

Make your season’s greetings meaningful again with an AR virtual package! This is how we do it.


Founded in 1998, Google is an American multinational technology company that focuses on services and products related to Internet. Started from a research project, now Google has become the most visited website in the world. They have expanded their companies all across the world – including in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Ramadan is a month of celebration. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have to celebrate it only from their own homes. Google Indonesia understands that they’re all going through a hard time, and it makes them think, “How can we send out the most sincere yet memorable Ramadan package to our workers?”


Fortunately, AR makes it happen! Google Indonesia decided to partner up with Assemblr to create “Ramadan AR Virtual Care Packages”. The employees can easily access the package through the Electronic Direct Marketing sent to their emails. Be it a virtual letter, a Google Play voucher gift, or a YouTube playlist recommendation – all of them can be accessed with AR! Now, sending virtual packages to your loved ones is worth a try too!

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