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Discover your dream house anywhere and anytime! See how Joyglo makes use of AR technology to display their complete house looks.


Based in Jakarta, Joyglo is a property developer, specialized in their townhouse models. Their latest townhouse editions, Joyglo Simatupang and Joyglo Jayakarsa, rely strongly on their modern design and strategic locations.


There are several possible ways to present display homes. One of them is to make the clients visit their house models or display homes on-the-spot. However, Joyglo thinks a lot about their clients. What if the clients come from a far place? How to make them understand the detailed concept about their houses, even if they’re not on-site?


Assemblr makes the impossible, possible! By using Augmented Reality technology, Joyglo can display a detailed visualization of Joyglo Jagakarsa and Joyglo Simatupang display homes. The clients can discover their dream house easily without losing any details through their on-the-go devices. It all comes in handy, especially during this COVID-19 outbreak!

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