Fun Packed Character Building Lesson for Kids

Introducing good vocabulary to children isn’t particularly difficult, as long as we start small, start early, and be consistent. See how MaenMain incorporates AR into ‘Puzzle Akhlak’, a character building lesson packed in an incredibly fun game!


MaenMain is one of publishing line from Mizan, a publishing company in Indonesia. Having ‘playful & meaningful’ as the tagline, MaenMain focuses on making fun educational games for children and families. Their products include board games, card games, and more exciting educational equipments.


MaenMain was particularly concerned with character building for children. As we know, it’s easier to introduce nice vocabulary and manner to kids when we start at a young age. For their Islamic games series, MaenMain’s idea was to encourage Muslim kids to learn good Arabic phrases — while also giving them fun playtime idea, which they would gladly take part in.


We collaborated with MaenMain to develop a puzzle set to help teachers and parents teach children about kalimat thayyibah — which means ‘good phrases’ in Arabic — and when to use them. Using Montessori method, the game teaches kids according to their level of understanding. The fun part? It features Augmented Reality (AR) powered by Assemblr for an interactive playing experience! All people need to do to enjoy the experience is download Assemblr on their phone/tablet and use it to scan the boards. By using an engaging technology, drawing kids into the learning becomes much easier!

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