Visualizing Eco-Friendly Projects Digitally

The concept of eco-friendly biofilters and houses still haven’t rung a bell for most people. How can AR support the idea?


Research Institute for Human Settlements (Puskim PU) is one of the research and development institutions under the Agency for Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works Indonesia. The institute has produced notable projects that are significant for the human settlements — two of them are Biotour and RISHA (Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat).


Generally speaking, describing projects that people are not familiar with is a tough nut. Hence, it’s also quite a huge challenge for Puskim PU to convey the concept of Biotour and RISHA. How to make their clients understand the concept better?


Together with Assemblr, Puskim PU embraces the use of AR to visualize their Biotour and RISHA. Using gadgets, their clients will be able to perceive a real-time experience on how Biotour can recycle wastewater, or how RISHA was built in the first place. With a more captivating projection, comes a new potential client to handle!

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