Digital Midwifery Education at Any Moment

The era of digitalization keeps evolving, and medical education also follows the step. Utilizing AR & VR experiences is the key.


Unpad, short for Universitas Padjadjaran, is an Indonesian public university with two main campuses, each located in Bandung and Jatinangor. Established on 11 September 1957, it has 16 faculties and is ranked as top ten universities by the Times Higher Education (THE) in 2021.


These days, medical schools already adapted technology to bring real-time surgery simulation for their students. Following the trend, Unpad’s Faculty of Midwifery also looked for such tool to educate students about prenatal development and childbirth.


We created AuRiL (/Augmented Reality Kehamilan/) Unpad, bringing two solutions — an AR experience to educate students about prenatal development and an VR experience to create real-environment childbirth delivery simulation. They can practice safely without taking a risk to perform it right away on real cases.

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