A New Media Exhibition Ahead of Its Time

For an exhibition presenting works of the future — immersive lightings, video mappings, sound designs, and the likes — how would you like to be invited?


Wave of Tomorrow is a new media exhibition which introduced people to various contemporary art works incorporating technology. Taking place at The Tribrata Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, Indonesia, visitors could find visual installations from multimedia artists, studios, as well as collectives. There was also special music performances each day from renowned local and international artists.


Building the hype for such an experience-based event was tricky. Our client was seeking for bit-sized immersive technology they could include as a teaser campaign. The idea was to give a glimpse of what to expect through their invitations.


We got a chance to collaborate with Wave of Tomorrow by creating an AR animation for its invitations. By installing Assemblr app on their phones, the VIP guests could point their camera at the VIP pass and a ‘robot’ will appear, guiding them with some information about the event.

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