Exploring the Wonders of Forests Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine if you can explore the forests wherever you want, using your gadgets, and with a realistic visual as well. How would you feel?


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the world’s leading conservation organization that helps people and nature thrive. Founded in 1961, WWF aims to deliver solutions to preserve communities, wildlife, and their habitats.


Due to the concerning situation, WWF seeks for ways to raise people’s awareness on how to maintain forest sustainability. However, to educate people about it interactively and make it accessible for everyone, are obviously another hurdle they have to tackle.


We helped WWF to create and develop an AR-based application, called WWF Forests. Through this app, you will be entertained with the visual of the forest, as well as gain new lessons about how we can fix our threatened forests. Space is not the limit—you can simply scan using your gadgets, and the forest can appear in front of you anywhere, anytime!

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